Miky Park was born in South Korea in 1972. After she immigrated to Canada in 1997, she got her Diploma of Fine Arts at Kwantlen University College in 2001 and her B.F.A. at Emilly Carr University of Art and Design in 2007 in Vancouver. She then went back to her home country, Korea and continued her studies to finish her M.F.A. at Hongik University graduate school in 2010. Since returning to Vancouver in 2010, she continues to do her art practice in Vancouver, Canada.


  • M.F.A.   2010   Major in Painting, Graduate school of Hongik University ,Seoul, South Korea
  • B.F.A.    2007  Visual Arts, Emilly Carr Institute of Arts & Design, , Vancouver, B.C.,Canada
  • Diploma 2001   Fine Arts, Kwantlen University College, , Vancouver, B.C.,Canada


  • 2007  Event Internship, Gallery Center A,  Vancouver, B.C.,Canada
  • 2005   Volunteer Experience, Performance “Extra”, Vancouver library, B.C.,Canada


  • 2001     Jason Sing Memorial Award
  • 2000     Francis A. Holy Girl Award